Inventory Management

Vendor Managed Inventory

CBS has been servicing VMI programs since the mid 80’s. We were one of the 1st in this region to become integrated partners with OEM’s through VMI programs. CBS recognized the cumbersome and inefficient nature of handling class c items and have been invaluable in our customer supply chains for over 30 years. Our programs are designed specifically to meet our customer’s unique requirements regarding inventory supply and control and point of use implementation. Our VMI programs can include racks, barcoded bins ( customer specific), and material placement that works most efficiently in our customer’s space. We constantly evaluate these programs with our customers to meet their evolving needs and business model.

In Plant Store

CBS has the capability to implement a fully functioning warehouse within our customer’s facility. We commit a full time employee to continuously distribute products to production cells within our customer’s facilities. The In Plant Store’s inventory levels are treated as a branch for CBS where inventory levels are monitored daily to ensure an uninterrupted flow of material for the customer.

Consignment Programs

CBS has had great success with customer consignment programs where we keep inventory levels within a particular facility but the customer is not billed for material until they consume the material. We typically inventory and bill consignment programs once a month. Consignment programs work particularly well with higher valued items that move less frequently.

3PL Partnership

We have experienced tremendous growth using 3PL partners to efficiently handle and distribute product to locations that are beyond our daily VMI reach. We tract this inventory much as we do an in plant store and conduct daily analysis on inventory levels to ensure our partners are ready to respond to our customer’s needs and delivery products in a timely and efficient manners.